Monday, August 4, 2008

Shiny Sinks

I am now a FlyBaby. "What is that?" you ask. Well, I have made an attempt to begin organizing my home. Yes, I have made these attempts before and it never lasted. And this attempt may not either, but I'm doing it anyway. So I have found two wonderful websites for organizing. The first one is FlyLady. (More on the other one another time.) You may have heard of her. She creates lists of things that will help you get on the road to organizing and cleaning your home. So, I have joined and will get daily reminders and tips from her. As a new member, I am a FlyBaby. And I have Beginner Baby Steps that will help me get started. The first one is "Go shine your sink." Now, I admit that I am horrible at keeping the kitchen sink clear of dishes. It is one of my downfalls. Most of the time, I wait until the next day to get the dinner dishes in the dishwasher because I am just too tired after dinner. Not to mention that often the dishes will stay in the sink for more than one day (exactly how many I refuse to say!). So, here is my commitment- to myself, to my family, and to you (so hold me accountable!)- I will not go to bed at night until my sink is shining. That way, I can wake up to a smile in the morning!!


Mandy said...

I'll be watching to see if that sink shines--- if not maybe we should call Amy! ha!

dave woodbury said...

Is this a joke or are you for real?