Saturday, August 16, 2008

Prayer for Claire

We have very good friends named Mandy and Russell. Their middle of three daughters is named Claire. Claire is two years old and has been diagnosed with Epilepsy. She has many seizures and cannot walk or talk, but she has her way of communicating. She has come so far over the last year and a half. She is such a joy to everyone she meets and has affectionately become known as "Clairebear." As I write this, Mandy, Russell and Claire are on their way to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. God is so good to have worked this trip out for them so that they can have Claire seen by the best doctors. Please pray with us for them:

  • For safety in all their driving.

  • For Claire as she will have many tests over this next week.

  • That the doctors would see from her what they need to see to help her.

  • For the doctors who will be helping her.

  • For God's will concerning any further diagnosis and treatments.

  • For calm hearts for Mandy and Russell.

We are all of course, praying for a miracle and that there will be something that can help Claire. We also know that it could be God's will to keep her as she is. Either way, she is a gift from God and we all love her dearly. I will post updates as I get them. Thank you for your prayers.

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Anonymous said...

Catherine...what a sweet girl...i will definately be praying for her and her whole family.