Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 Days and Counting!

Mandy and Russell arrived back in town Sunday night with Claire, and while they are very tired, they are glad to be home. The latest on Claire is that they are giving her a 3-month long steroid treatment to stop the seizures. The idea is that if they can stop the seizures, her brain can then use that energy to develop her body and hopefully she will eventually be able to walk and talk. The treatment is in the form of injections that Mandy and Russell have to give her so pray for them as they take on this difficult task. Also, the treatment is very expensive- as Mandy put it, "like several new cars expensive." The blessing is that the insurance is covering it 100%! God is so good! But the biggest blessing of all is that Claire has not had a seizure since Friday! 3 days and counting! Thank you for all your prayers, and continue to pray with us for this sweet little girl.

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