Wednesday, August 27, 2008

20 Things I Am Right Now

I have been tagged by my sweet friend, Sally. So here it goes!

1. Hungry
2. Babysitting
3. Tired of the kids fighting
4. Sleepy
5. Loving the baby bouncer
6. Nervous about Homeschooling
7. Hot
8. In love with my baby
9. Listening to my older kids play
10. Loving my husband
11. Missing my BFF Christy
12. Wishing there were more hours in the day
13. Thankful for Baby Einstein
14. Needing to pay bills
15. Wishing I had the body I had before kids
16. Procrastinating my ballet lesson plans
17. Needing another way to make money
18. Warming a bottle for my charge, Isaac
19. Wanting the vacation we haven't gotten
20. Praying for Claire, Dave's uncle Louis, homeschooling, dance, and Caroline's appointment with the doctor next week about her flat head.

Now you try!


Anonymous said...

You have become a remarkable wife, mother, pastor's wife and friend. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow and mature these past six years not only in these things, but spiritually as well. You are a true gift from God to me and the women of our church and community.

Christy Girl said...

Hi pumpkin! I miss you lots and lots, too...why is there never enough time to just be together?? It's crazy busy for all of us, huh? Loveyou!