Thursday, July 24, 2008


Every year for the kids' birthdays, we take pictures and commemorate how they look at that age. A lot of times we go to JCPenney or other studio, but this year I wanted to save money. We took the kids to our friend Kim's house. She and her husband Ken work so hard on their yard and their back yard is especially beautiful with all the plants, flowers and a wonderful pool. Here are the top picks for 4 years and 6 years:

I think we will redo Charlie's because he is squinting.

Anyway, here are some runners-up:

And a few with Baby Sister:

This last one, although too cute, was done with my camera on the wrong setting. UGH! Nothing is ever perfect in Kiddie Land, is it? To tell the truth the kids hated this portrait "sitting." It was sooooo hot, and the ground was hot, and the grass, of course, dirty. And all they wanted to do was go swimming, but I didn't think to bring their swimsuits. Yay, Mom! Anyway, all we needed was one good one for Madeline and one good one for Charlie, and we got that even though I may redo Charlie's. At least I didn't spend $70, right, Honey?

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