Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Madeline's 4th Birthday

Here are some pics of Madeline's birthday party. It was a Strawberry Shortcake party with a few of her friends. They decorated sun visors, dipped strawberries, had cake and ice-cream, and of course opened presents. The present shown is with her excitement at getting a Leapster of her own from Mimaw and Pop-Pop in Florida. And even baby sister was dressed for the occasion!

At Four Years Old:

  • She still loves to cuddle with Mom
  • She still climbs into our bed almost every night
  • She loves to play with Charlie- anything from dolls to Superheroes
  • She loves Barbies, Princesses, animals, and dolls
  • She loves to make Caroline laugh and seeing her with her eyes open
  • She doesn't like to be left behind or left out ("Mom, wait right there!")
  • She is excited to buckle her own seatbelt in the van
  • She is in Tumbling class
  • She wants to be a cheerleader and a mermaid when she grows up
  • What a Drama Queen!
  • She is learning about lying and sharing
  • She loves to role play and use different voices for different characters
  • She loves to say her prayers ("Thank You for this world so sweet...")
  • She is still my Little Lovebug!

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Chad & Crystal Reynolds said...

Happy Birthday, Madeline!!
I can't believe you are already 4! Where does the time go. It looks like the party was lots of fun. Mama Catherine, you are doing a GREAT job!!