Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caroline's Highlights

These are some of the things Caroline has been up to lately. She's held her head up while on her tummy, she's had her first swim (which she loved), and she is now four months old. At four months, she wieghed 15lbs. 8oz. and is 27 inches long. Her weight is in the 90th percentile and her length is above the 95th percentile! She is still sleeping through the night (Yay!), and loves playing with her thumb. Still no paci or bottle, but nursing like a champ! She is laughing more regularly now which is music to my ears! She is trying to roll over and is successful every once in a while. She still has Reflux and we keep increasing her meds to try to cut it out. Her throwing up is better, though still occurs, and the doctor wants her to go see a specialist about the shape of her head (flatness) just to make sure everything is ok. Please be praying about that with us and I will let you know when we go.

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