Thursday, May 29, 2008

My First Grader

Well, my Kindergartener is now officially a First Grader. Last week was Charlie's Kindergarten graduation. It was so cute! They did pledges and sang songs. So I have to post a few pics.

Here is how he looked when he first got to his place. He was so excited he could barely stand still. And just that morning he was all but crying that he didn't want to go because the songs were too long. As you can see, it didn't bother him at all once he got there.

This is Charlie and one of his best friends, Reagan, doing the motions to one of the songs. It was the cutest song called "Tooty-Ta." Too hard to explain, but it was the best part of the program. And just last week, Reagan and his mom were at our house and the two of them said, "You're my best buddy."
Here he is shaking the pricipal's hand and getting his diploma. What a proud Mama I am.This is Charlie with his teachers. On the right is Mrs. Quist, or as the kids call her, Mrs. Q. She had to leave the year early because she had a baby at 27 weeks. His name is Isaac and he is still in the hospital in Ft. Worth. He is doing well getting stronger every day. On the left is Mrs. Nobile. She was a Kindergarten Aide and stepped in to take over for Mrs. Q. She did a great job and the kids loved both teachers.
And so my son is a First Grader. When he got in the car after school today he said, "I'm a First Grader. Mrs. Nobile said when we walk out that door we are First Graders. So I'm a First Grader." My how time flies. I can't believe that it was just 6 short years ago that he was a chubby little baby and I felt I had a whole 5 years left before we have to get caught up in school. And here we are. And time goes on...

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe it either Catherine. It seems like yesterday that we were helping y'all move in and you were pregnant with Charlie. He is an awesome kid and we love him very much. Wow..1st grade!!