Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Pre-K Girl

Well, my Preschooler is now a Pre-Kindergartener! I can't believe it! She has officially "graduated" Preschool. We had such a wonderful program which included a piano and dance recital.
This is Mrs. Mona, her piano teacher. Madeline is still in her ballet costume- too cute!!

This is Madeline getting her trophies and certificate. Each child got a trophy for their activities so Madeline got a piano trophy, dance trophy, and then each child got a "Jesus Loves Me" trophy of praying hands. Then each child gets an award for a certain attribute and Madeline got the award for "Most Compassionate."

So this is her second dance- the jazz dance. I got this idea from high school- thanks Wranglerettes!! This is a dance to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." I had them dress in their pajammas for a pajamma party. I told them to pile their hair on top of their heads so that it would swing around. Some, like Madeline even wore hair pieces. They also danced with their pillows as Caroline helps demonstrate in the next pic.

Dancer and Future Dancer. Of course, Madeline had to have the Princess pillow case. And so my Preschooler is now in Pre-Kindergarten. Getting older and bigger everyday. I've always thought of her as my baby and now there is Caroline getting ready to follow in her big sister's footsteps. I am so blessed to have two beautiful princesses and a big brother to take care of them. God is good.

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