Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Switched at Birth?

I can't help but wonder sometimes who this baby belongs to. If she didn't look so much like her brother, I might think she had been switched at birth. She is so easy! Compared to her brother and sister, she is a breeze! She is not fussy at all unless she is hungry or needs to be picked up. She will lie on her back on the floor for quite a while and be happy just looking around. Charlie and Madeline never did that for more than a couple minutes. She is happy in the car as long as it is moving. Charlie was, but Madeline wasn't as much. And she will stay in her swing and bouncy seat for much longer periods of time than the other two. In fact, they didn't like to swing at all.
And she SLEEPS!!!! I cannot believe this is actually my child! Charlie and Madeline went only every two or three hours for the whole first year and beyond. I NEVER got a good night's sleep and even now Madeline is in our bed every night. But Caroline sleeps 5-10 hours EVERY NIGHT!! And her average is 7 HOURS! As long as I swaddle her, she stays asleep in her own crib all night and has since about 5-6 weeks. The new swaddle blankets are a gift from God. They didn't have those when I had my other two. And here's the kicker- I have even put her down AWAKE and she puts herself to sleep! Unfathomable in my world! And Caroline is in her own bed until she wakes up to feed and then she comes into mine. With the other two, I slept with them all night because they nursed so much. And while I am a total believer in co-sleeping, I must admit that I am more rested with Caroline than I ever was with Charlie and Madeline and that is kinda nice.

Check out Sleeping Beauty:

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