Saturday, February 9, 2008

I Am the Preacher's Wife

Dave an I were cleaning out our room for the baby today and that included our computer area. As I was going through old papers, I found this poem. I have no idea where it came from or who gave it to me anymore, but I had to post it for those of us who are fortunate and blessed enough to love preachers.

I Am the Preacher's Wife

by Diane Pellin

I am the woman who proudly sits in the shadows as her husband stands in the light.

I am the one who knows her husband is a gift from God, and so I give him back to my Lord through his full-time service.

Often times, I am so lonely for him because I share him with others.

But I am also pleased that he gives of himself so unselfishly.

I am the one who encourages the preacher when others sometimes fail to.

I am the one who listens to his dreams for the church and helps him look into the future and see his dreams become a reality.

And when others wonder if he really cares, I am the one who sees him on his knees, shedding tears for the future of the Lord's church.

How blessed I am to be a Preacher's wife. There are times, I admit, that I am human and want him all to myself. Or that I am angered for him when he is criticized or talked about behind his back. And there are times that I resent being the one to take care of the kids all alone, or plan my vacations around the life and people of our church. But all of these things pale in comparison to the fact that he has been called by God to do a tremendous thing. Not many people are called the way he is called. It is a blessing and a privelege to do the Lord's work and I can't imagine anyone better for the job. I am both proud and humbled by his spirit and willingness, not to mention his intuitiveness and intelligence. He is both firm and fair, straight-forward and compassionate, spiritual and goofy! I laugh more often than I realize, as do our kids. They are blessed to have him as a daddy, and I am so proud that they will only learn more of who God really is by having him for an example. So if you are blessed as I am to love a Preacher, love him more today than yesterday. And love him even more tomorrow.

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