Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Have you ever?

Have you ever:

Had to stand sideways at the sink to do dishes, brush your teeth, or just wash your hands?
Not been able to sleep at night due to a clogged nose, your hands falling asleep, or your hips being in pain?
Not been able to catch your breath when using stairs, walking across the house or simply while lying down?
Gotten heartburn or reflux first thing in the morning before you even ate anything?
Been stuck in bed between two pillows and not been able to get up?
Struck your belly with a cabinet door, even though your belly's been there for months?
Had so much pressure on your bladder that a trip to the bathroom leaves you asking, "Is that all?"
Had to make another trip to the bathroom just minutes after above mentioned trip?
Had feet that made you sure you were a direct descendant of Fred Flinstone?
Had such excrutiating pain in your hand and wrist that forces your husband to do simple tasks like washing pans, cutting veggies and opening jars?
Had a very difficult time changing laundry over from the washer to the dryer?
Not been able to carry a full laundry basket?
Felt your belly get rock-hard to the point that you must rub it and take deep breaths?
Had to lean over when eating or brushing your teeth because stains on your belly can't be hidden when your belly preceeds you?
Had to hear "I don't see how you'll make it!" when you tell people your due date?
Had such pressure and pain on your Sciatic nerve that you can literally barely walk? And you're in the middle of a store?
Put on 40 pounds (Give or take a lot) in a matter of a few short months?
Been forced to not wear a wedding ring of any sort due to the swelling in your hands?
Outgrown almost every single thing in your closet?
If so, then you MUST be pregnant!
Have you ever:
Been content to just sit and watch your belly as it wiggles and jumps and swirls?
Wanted everyone near you to watch as well and laughed when your friend next to you does?
Had even more joy from laying your hands on your belly to feel those moves?
Wanted everyone next to you to feel it as well?
Loved it when people came up to you and touched your belly?
Laughed as people in public make eye contact with you and then immediately look down at your belly?
Laughed as you watched your children's eyes light up as they feel the moves?
Or as they counted the hiccups?
Smiled as your 3-year-old lifts your shirt and hugs and kisses your belly?
Reached over in bed to find your husband's hand so that he can feel your belly jerk?
Enjoyed simply standing in front of a mirror and marveling at just how big you can get?
Been so proud when your kids tell complete strangers they are going to have a little sister and what her name is?
Loved the way you look in huge clothing with an area for a big belly, even though you feel fat?
Enjoyed registering for gifts and yet felt sad knowing it was your last time?
Felt sad at the thought of the end being near even though you feel horrible at times?
Anticipated an event so much that you can't even imagine it?
Longed to see a face and hold a little body close to yours so much it hurts?
Been so overwhelmed and completely amazed at the wonder and miracle that is pregnancy and childbirth- no matter how many times you've been through it?
Been so thankful to God for the amazing gift He has blessed you and your family with and wonder how there can be anything better?
If so, then you MUST be pregnant!

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WORDS CAFE said...

I AM! I loved that. I'm posting a link to it, because it's PERFECT! I can SO relate!