Thursday, February 28, 2008

Caroline's Baby Shower and "Corner"

My friends at our church and the playgroup I attend threw me and my friend Mandy a joint baby shower a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun and we got so many of the things we needed for Caroline. As you can see, I'm not sure who had more fun opening gifts- me or Madeline!! She wanted to open every one. Then there is the picture of me and Mom, and then me and Mandy. She is 8 weeks behind me also with a little girl. It was pink overload!!!

So we wait. And wait. It seems that Sweet Caroline is taking her own sweet time. I am due this coming Tuesday, and according to the doctor, there is not really any change, nor was I ready to induce as of Monday. So we go back this Monday and depending on what we find, we are set to induce next Wednesday the 5th of March. Or we can decide to wait. But I don't want her to get so big that I can't deliver her. On the other hand, I induced with Charlie and it took 2 days!! So I am really praying that she will come on her own by Wednesday.

So, on that note, here is Caroline's "corner." It is so sad that by the third baby, you seem to do just enough to get by. We didn't want to take up room in the kids' rooms with a crib, and we wanted them to be able to play even if she is sleeping, so we set her up in our room. We have a wonderful bedroom with a sort of alcove in one corner. Everything seems to fit perfectly. Incidentally, this crib was made by my dad and his dad when my brother was born. It's tennants include my brother, me, my niece and nephew, Charlie, Madeline, and now Caroline. It is so special to me and to my family as my grandfather has since passed. And we also have a beautiful dresser that goes with it that we all used and is still in Madeline's room. And as you can see, Caroline's bag is packed and ready to go.

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