Monday, January 14, 2008

Special Siblings

This past Saturday, the kids got to go to a Siblings class at the hospital. They got to watch a video about having a baby at home, and then they got to use dolls and learn how to clean the umbillical cord, diaper, and swaddle them. They did such a great job. They also got to tour the LDR area and see a room like where I will give birth, and then where I will room afterwards. They got to see the nursery and there was a little baby to see.

At the end, they got a Big Brother and Big Sister sticker and their picture taken, and a Certificate. It was such a special thing for them to do to prepare for their little sister.

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Unknown said...

I keep forgetting about your blog. Love the pictures of the kids at their class. I have now read all of the past blogs and comments. What a fun way to keep in touch with everyone.
Love you lots,