Monday, January 14, 2008

On the last day we were there, the guys got to go to the Capitol One Bowl game in Orlando. They had a great time even though the Gators lost. So while they were gone, the girls took the kids to the Florida Aquarium. They had such a great time. They loved the huge aquariums, petting the stingrays, petting the fish in the small tanks, and especially the Penguin Exhibit. They brought out two African Penguins and you can see how close the kids were able to get to them. They explained that these penguins are endangered so you cannot reach out to them to pet them. But they were allowed to come up to you if they wanted. They were almost in the kids' laps, and I think one actually did get in Abi's lap. They would go after keys and camera straps and come right up to you.

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