Thursday, January 10, 2008

Heat Wave

While our time in florida was wonderful, and seeing faimly was both refreshing and encouraging, I can say that the heat and humidity were no good for a seven-month pregnant woman in her mid-30's who is used to winter weather. Christmas Eve found me crying on the way to church because of my hair, and I squeezed my enourmous belly into too-small capri jeans that I had to cut on the sides, and I was the one person in the room always fanning herself and turning on the ceiling fan when no one was looking! My mother-in-law, Dianne, would come to my rescue by opening the door in the bathroom that lead out to the patio, and I think we even had to turn on the A/C a couple times because of the heat. I was even thankful for the few times I had to go somewhere in the car so that I could have fresh air. Again, the joys of being pregnant!! Then, wouldn't you know it, the day we left, we awoke to temps in the 30's. And while our drive back to Texas was in cold temps, two days after we returned, we were faced with a day in the mid-70's!! I must not complain, though, because the bulk of my pregnancy is in the winter time and not the summer. And while I was hot in Florida, I could breathe through my nose clearly, which never happens in the winter or when I'm pregnant. And all the while, what a joy it is to be pregnant AND to be with family.

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