Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Friends are Friends Forever"

Christmas would not be complete without a visit with two of my best friends from Seminary and their kids. So one night just before we left for Florida, we all met at IHOP and exchanged gifts. Tammy on the left, and her son, Joseph, next to Madeline, and Christy on the right, and her son Gage, far right. I am continuing to add to our brood and the chaos- imagine one 6 yr. old, two 5 yr. olds, and one 3 yr. old all at the same table in a restaraunt. And pretty soon an infant. Yikes!! But oftentimes, this is how we must meet because we all live in different towns. But even though we are always busy, and have hectic schedules that almost never match up, we remain the closest of friends and confidantes. I am so thankful for them in my life- they keep me sane. God has blessed me so much with friendships like these.

But this area of my life is not complete, due to the absence of our fourth friend, Crystal. She is a missionary in Africa with her family and we miss her greatly. Check out her blog : She is an amazing woman of God and she has a husband and two little boys. They are doing the Lord's work in Africa and I am constantly blown away by their courage and strength to be away from their families for so long at a time. You will be inspired by her also.

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