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As it explains in my Title for my blog- I am indeed a Scrapbooker. Or at least I was at one time in my life. Before Charlie turned one, I decided it would be neat to have his first year scrapbook on display at his party. So for four months leading up to the big day, I did NOTHING but scrapbook. I worked and worked and worked. Often to the detriment of my house and sometimes my sweet fussing Charlie himself. But-- I did it!! I had that book finished and proudly on display at his first birthday party.

And then I thought I'd take a little break. After all, we hadn't seen the top of our kitchen table in months, I was seeing a way to cut and decorate almost EVERY surface and design I came across, I would lie in bed at night and search my mind for a way to finish that one page, and I needed more adult conversation. Maybe I'd read a book. Just think of what I could do with all those hours!
It is now almost 6 years later. And except for a few special projects here and there- for other people- I have yet to pick up the hobby I am so incredible passionate about. Get this- I am now 6 years behind on Charlie's books, almost 5 years behind on Madeline's books (not even having begun), and of couse one year behind on Caroline's. Oh, there were a few pages of Charlie's second year, and the beginning of one of Madeline's baby showers, but THAT'S IT! And every summer I think- "This is it! I will get out my scrapbooking and I will work all summer and get caught up!" Usually this is interrupted with either guests in our home, trips taken, or impending babies. And with each failed attempt the weight on my shoulders gets heavier and heavier.

It would be different if I were one of those moms that could just put the pictures in photo albums and give them dates and let that be that (no offense, Mandy!). I ALMOST wish I were one of those moms. And there is nothing wrong with being one of those moms- they are certainly under a lot less pressure and stress than I am, not to mention much more organized. But here's the thing. Ever since I was very young, I have loved paper. I used to collect stationary (really- just ask my mom!). I couldn't get enough of it. And then I didn't want to use it all because I liked it so much, so if I got down to the last sheet of it, I would keep it stashed away in a safe place. I would go into paper stores back then and go nuts and want it all. And this was 20-some-odd years ago. So you can only imagine what walking into a scrapbooking store does to me now. There is something about finding the perfect sheet of paper to highlight my precious photos- and did I mention I also collected stickers whe I was little? In books and binders and on folders, and I traded them and horded them. So again, the lure of a scrapbooking store! Not to mention all the other embellishments they have come out with in the last 20 years. I am hopeless!

So when I actually see my precious babes on a page that brings out their personality and tells a story that may not otherwise be told, it is such a treasure. There are things about Charlie's first year that I cannot even remember, but when we break out that book together we have so much joy looking at it together. And someday his wife will have such a treasure (If I can give it up!) And I know that my photos are on archival safe papers and in binders that will keep them their true colors forever. Even my husband must admit it's mice to pull out those books once in a while- and he does!

So here is my pledge. To my family, to my friends, to my kids, to whomever visits our home, and to you who are gracious enought to read my blog- this summer I will have my scrapbooking endeavour out on our dining room table indefinitely. Our meals will be eaten at the kitchen table, guests can use TV trays, and there will be NO impending babies! I will start with the most recent and move backwards from there. I will use all my birthday money for supplies. And I will take any donations of printer ink and picture paper for all the printing of pictures that will ensue. Please keep me accountable!

So in honor of the occasion, here are only a few of my favorites from Charlie's first 6 months book (yes, I had to divide his book into two!) Pardon the flashes and Caroline's hands- that's her saying, "I want my book, too!"
This is my absolute favorite picture of Charlie. And I saw this layout done in a scrapbook magazine. I personalized it with the caption "God's Child" because that is what the frame this picture is in has on italong with the bow.
This is Charlie's first Easter. He was only 4 days old and I was high on painkillers, but I was setermined to go to church. Afterwards, my Sister-in-Law, Sharon put b&w film in her camera and this was the result. Her is what I wrote:
"Easter Blessing"
Even thought you weren't born exactly on Easter, I still consider you my Easter Blessing. Easter has been a special day for me ever since I was a little girl. I always loved getting a new dress and new shoes and feeling so pretty Easter Sunday. That is why it was so important to me that you go to church on your first Easter Sunday. I looked and looked for the perfect Easter outfit for you before you were born and found a baby blue pants set with trains embroidered on it. It also had a cap and blanket to match. Mo and Opa brought it to you for this very special day. It was perfect!

This is my first Mother's Day. The journaling reads, "I couldn't believe that I actually got to celebrate my first Mother's Day. God gave you to us and you made me a mother. I hope that I can always live up to that title. I know I will make mistakes, and I know the day will come that you may not feel as close to me as you do now, but always know you are my son, my firstborn, my "Sweetest Boy," my baby. I love you with all my heart and I always will."

This is a layout of Charlie's great-grandparents, two of which have gone to be with the Lord. Win in the first picture, and Granny in the middle have since passed and never even got to see Caroline. So these pictures are priceless to me.

Don't know if you wanted to have such a long ramblings-on about scrapbooking, but consider it my pledge to continue with my passion. Moms don't make enough time for their own passions do they? So really- keep me accountable!!

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