Tuesday, March 17, 2009

"Not enough hours in the day..."

How many times have I heard that one? And I never realized how true this one little saying was until I had kids. Funny how when I was a pre-teen, I couldn't WAIT to be in high school. The time couldn't pass fast enough. And then when I was in college, I couldn't WAIT to get married. Again, it seemed it would never happen. And then when I got married, I couldn't WAIT to get pregnant. We needed to work on our marriage first, but again, a "couple of years" seemed an eternity (not because of you, Dear)! And then ah! The glorious day of finding out I was pregnant! And 9 months seemed like it would NEVER come! Then BAM! Charlie was here and time seemed to snap into warp speed! All of a sudden he was crawling, walking, talking, and then Madeline was here, then Caroline, etc. etc. etc.

So now I really know the meaning of not having enough hours in the day. I'm not complaining about having kids, mind you, but it seems like some things just never get done. Will I always have this "feeling" that something is left undone? That something needs my attention (besides my kids) and I just can't quite get to it? This begs the question- What would I do with just one more hour in the day? Now for me, one more hour wouldn't cut it. It would have to be more like three or four because if I only have one hour, I won't even get started! So here is my list of things I would do with more hours in the day:

  • Clean out all closets
  • Clean out and organize the laundry room
  • Clean out the garage
  • Make a bulletin board for Madeline's room
  • Make hair clips for the girls
  • Paint hanging pegs for Madeline's room
  • Clean out my jewelry cabinet
  • Make a bulletin board for the church
  • Make drapes for the church nursery
  • Clean out our endless toys
  • Clean out just about every cabinet in our home
  • Teach Charlie to tie his shoes and ride a bike (I know- Slacker Mom!)
  • Organize the pictures on my computer
  • Make a collage of Caroline's body parts (you know, hands, feet, tummy, nose,etc.)
  • Get back in touch with a friend in Alabama who called me before the holidays
  • Read more books
  • Research homeschooling more
  • Scrapbook! Scrapbook! Scrapbook!

What would you do with more hours in your day??

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