Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Anniversaries are a funny thing. Most of the time when you think of anniversaries, you think of the anniversary of a first kiss, getting engaged, your wedding, beginning a new job, or moving to a new house. But sometimes anniversaries are not of happy things. This week's anniversary is one such anniversary. Today's anniversary is of the day my Angel Baby Caroline met Ms. Debbie. We were released from the hospital Tuesday morning, March 4 and raced over to Hospice to see Debbie. I spoke to her and told her we were there. Her daughter Ashley helped me take Caroline and place her right up against Debbie's cheek and also place Debbie's arms around her so as to "hold" her. Caroline "rooted" on Debbie's cheek and Debbie raised her head in response. Sweet little kisses. We know she knew Caroline was there. She always said she would "see that baby." And the Lord let her live long enough to do just that. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. I promised Debbie I would never let Charlie and Madeline forget her, and we would always tell Caroline of her. And that I loved her so much. It was the last time I saw and spoke to her. This day's anniversary, while leading up to Debbie's death, is still a special one because the Lord allowed Debbie to meet Caroline. He always works things for our good, doesn't He?

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