Monday, May 21, 2007

Prayer for Debbie

Debbie Dennis is one of our most special friends. She is an in-town Mother to us and Grandmother to our kids. She takes care of us (my van ran out of gas last night and she and her son rescued me!) and babysits Charlie and Madeline frequently and loves them as her own. They love her just as much! Debbie was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer about 5 years ago. Her doctors have continually told her the prognosis is not good, and she has beat it every time. She is still undergoing Chemo and will indefinitely. She is the most godly woman I know. Her faith in Christ has gotten her through many surgeries and treatments, and allowed her to share her story and testimony with many people who would otherwise have no hope. Please join our family in praying for her, that ultimately she would be healed, but that also she would continue to be able to share Christ through this experience.


Anonymous said...

When did Charile get glasses?

WORDS CAFE said...

Welcome to the blogging world, Catherine! I'm so glad to hear from you and be able to keep up with your adorable family. Come see me at

Pray for us. We're moving to Kansas to start a church, Brad as lead pastor. We'll be near family, which will be great, but BIG adjustment from Plano to small town Kansas.

love you friend!