Monday, May 28, 2007

New Venture

Ok, as I said in my Title, I am often a starter of things and not so often a finisher of them. Let's hope this time I can follow through. Here's my newest Venture- An Online Store. I enjoy arts and crafts, and sewing, and making things, and so I thought, why not try to sell them? My newest things are nightlights- white shades on which I put fabrics and trims. And my other idea is tote bags with fabrics and trims. I am also thinking about some childrens clothes- shorts and t-shirts with trims, etc. Anyway, I have discovered online stores and am looking into starting one. So any ideas for a name would be welcomed. I have two- "The Shabby Cat," and "Chic 'N Shabby." I already have some nightlights in a store here in Nocona to see how they sell (or not). So hopefully look for a link to my new store soon and I will also post pictures of my new products as soon as I figure out how!!

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