Saturday, November 7, 2009

Two Fairies and a Lego...

There is so much to catch up on that I cannot possible write it all or post all the pictures. So I will start with Halloween and over the next week or so, attempt to post some things that have happened in our household lately.

So for halloween, the girls were both sugar plum fairies and Charlie was a blue lego. Dave made the Lego costume and did a wonderful job!

And of course Dave had to have his fun, too!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Curse of Facebook

Ok- so I have been posting a lot on Facebook lately and not so much here as you may have noticed. Or have you? I am aware that there is a possibility that Facebook is the new blog. Does anyone blog anymore? I am behind and plan to begin again now that the new schoolyear is looming. But is anyone really interested? Or is it just quicker to Facebook or Tweet (which I refuse to do!)? So I guess here is my test.


This way, I will know if I need to continue this blog, or retire it. Thanks for you cooperation!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

In search of the Perfect (Maxi) Dress...

What is it about dresses? It's almost like shopping for jeans- it is impossible to find the Perfect Dress. I have a huge affection for the new Maxi dresses. I have always loved long dresses and skirts- even though they pretty much went out of style recently. But ahhhhh- the Maxi dress. The problem? Most of them are NOT what you would call modest. Am I just too old fashioned? (Here comes my soapbox.) Why is it that most dresses and even tops are so revealing? I would never have considered showing my bra straps, or wearing a strapless top or dress when I was growing up. Now it seems this is even allowed in schools- along with too-short hems and shorts. What happened to modesty? What happened to parents who teach modesty? I know that I am a pastor's wife and cannot wear too revealing dresses to church, but that also means I shouldn't wear them at all. And I don't want to. I don't want men looking at my bra straps or thinking I am showing too much skin. But young girls are doing this daily (and so are their mothers!). I can barely even find shorts for my 4-year-old that aren't too short- or booty shorts. This is disturbing to me. Even dresses at her age are revealing, but it seems more okay at her age.

Today I was shopping and trying on dresses. I thought maybe I would get one if I found the Perfect Dress. I don't know how many I tried on, but it was far too many. They were either too low cut, or not bra-friendly. Granted, my 30-something body is no longer a size 4, and my 3-babies-used boobs are not where they used to be, but come on!! Is it too much to ask for a cute dress that actually covers everything it should? I can already tell it will be a battle to teach my girls modesty when I can barely find them clothes to fit the bill.

Ok. I'm off my soapbox. For now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Catching Up

I know I have a lot of catching up to do again, but first I must start with one of the biggest things that has happened to us in the past few weeks. Our sweet little dog, Ashley was hit by a car and has gone to doggie heaven. Our family was crushed. She was such a sweet puppy and one of her favorite things to do was roam the neighborhood and chase cars. We have been told by our neighbors that they loved getting to visit with her and pet her whenever she came around, and that she became known as the neighborhood dog. I guess we find solace in knowing she died doing what she loved. Explaining this to your young children, however, is horrible. My kids seem already to have suffered a lot of loss in their lives, and this one was very close to their hearts. They still talk about her all the time, and how much they miss her. We buried her with a little ceremony in the backyard and placed a large rock there to remember her by. The kids always go out to check on Ashley's rock. It breaks my heart to see them go through such sadness at such a young age. In fact, while Charlie seems to hold his thoughts in some, Madeline has now reverted to telling me often that she is sad about Goldie (our 1st fish), Dory (our last fish), Ms. Debbie, Uncle Louis, Win and Ashley. Oh, my aching heart! So here are a few pics of when we first got Ashley.
Madeline also adds to the list above that she is sad about Hope. Here is why. We found out on the SAME DAY that Ashley died that our very best friends in Nocona, the Ratliffs, are moving. Russell has taken a new job coaching in Pottsboro and they will be leaving this summer. Dave and I refused to tell the kids that day- Hope has always been Charlie's girlfriend, and we have spent time together almost daily for the last year or so. It will be a huge loss in their lives. (And mine!!!) Mandy and I have gotten to be wonderful friends at a time when I didn't really have someone in that position here in Nocona. She has been my go-to person, the one I can always count on at church and confide in as a Pastor's wife. We began homeschooling at the same time, and even Dave and Russell have been great friends. It is difficult to find COUPLES that you can be such good friends with. Usually it's the wife's friend or the husband's friend and the others just tag along. So we told the kids a few days later, and now we are all dreading next month when the move will take place. But we wish them well, as we all know it is a God-thing. Russell will have a better position and be able to spend more time at home with his family. And it is only a little over an hour away.

We have just finished a week of Vacation Bible School at another Baptist church here in Nocona, and the kids had great fun. I was actually recruited to help out- pretty funny seeing as that I'm the Pastor's wife of the other Baptish church in town! But I loved it and it was so great to know that we can all act together as God's church instead of "this church" or "that church." It was very eye-opening for me and may have even led to God laying on my heart the need for children's ministry to "take off" a little at our own church this summer. You know me- I can't seem to not have a project in the works!! Speaking of, my Summer Dance Workshop is next week. Pray that I will have a good turnout!!
Charlie just had his first ever real sleep-over last night. The couple that lives behind us has a grandson that is a littlw older than Charlie but they always play together whenever he comes to visit. So last night Charlie ate dinner there and then came back to ask to spend the night. Dave's comment as we sent him out the back door was "we're old." And Charlie continues to grow up uncontrollably.
Madeline is looking forward to homeschooling and also her birthday this month. We are trying to put together a pool party for her, but aren't sure of the specifics. She is about the worst decision maker I know- besides myself!! I have had the hardest time getting her to decide on a party. But she can't wait to turn five!! She is also reading now which blows my mind. She's not a baby anymore!
Caroline is a babbler! She has so much to say and it is so funny to watch. She even gets her hands involved and just goes at it! Unfortunately, there are no real words, but she's got a lot on her mind! The only word we have gotten so far is "Pee-Pie!" I'll take it though! We have discovered that she has Sleep Apnea and we are going to see an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist in Dallas next month. My guess is a Tonsilectomy/Adnoidectomy. Makes me sick to think about!! But she can snore like a train and sometimes I wonder if she can even get a full breath. So please be in prayer for her.
I will update more and with pictures soon.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missing my Hubby...Remembering Debbie

So this weekend my sweet Daviss in in the Virgin Islands. St. Croix to be exact. And of course, my Angel Baby Caroline could just not permit me to go along- not to mention my fear of flying (an understatement). The reason he is there is to officiate the beach destination wedding of our Miss Debbie's daughter, Ashley. It hurts my heart to not be there, but I know that she is having a wonderful wedding and I am so happy for her.

Missing my hubby to me means that things just aren't quite the same here without him. My world seems to be slightly off-kilter. Food doesn't taste the same, TV isn't as fun to watch, I don't sleep as well, I don't get very much adult conversation, and I have no one to turn to and say, "It's YOUR turn," when the kids are yelling and fighting yet again. As some of you know, this particular time has been much worse than before when he has been gone, and God has chosen for some reason to test me in ways that I didn't think I was prepared for. But I was wrong. I have learned that God has His own plans and who am I to argue? Bottom line is that while sometimes it is nice to have some time to myself in my marrriage, it is even better to be with my hubby.

As for remembering Debbie, I had a wonderful dream last night which was the night before Ashley's wedding. I walked into a room and there was Debbie as alive as ever staring at me. I ran to her and we held each other and sobbed and sobbed. I cannot tell you how real this dream was. I could see her, feel her, smell her, and hear her telling me she loved me. I showed her our Angel Baby Caroline and we talked and I realized that she hadn't died at all, but had gone away so that her loved ones wouldn't have to see her suffer. I woke up soon after and of course realized it wasn't real, but I still feel like God gave me a glimpse of her- my "fix" I guess. I had been praying the last few days for something to happen for Ashley while she was in St. Croix. I hope she has felt Debbie's presence the way I did. I know Debbie is smiling down on her as proud as she can be.

Monday, May 11, 2009

All About Mom

This is a questionairre I found on my friend, Sally's blog a few months ago. I thought it was appropriate for Mother's Day. So I sat down with my kids and asked them these questions about their mom. My thoughts are in the parenthesis after theirs.

What is one thing Mom always says to you?
Charlie- You ask me to take care of Caroline.
Madeline- I Love You.

What makes Mom happy?
C- If I clean my room.
M- Giving you a flower.

What makes Mom sad?
C- If I don't clean my room.
M- Not giving you anything.

What makes Mom laugh?
C- When I tickle you.
M- Tickling you.

What was Mom like as a child?
C- I don't know, I wasn't even born yet!
M- With curly hair. (umm.. nope)

What is Mom's favorite thing to do?
C- Take pictures.
M- Picking flowers for me.

What does Mom do when you're not around?
C- Watch TV. (unfortunately one of my vices.)
M- Clean the dishes.

If Mom were famous, what would it be for?
C- Taking pictures. (He hates taking pictures, can you tell?)
M- A rock star. (wow)

What is Mom good at?
C- Taking care of Caroline. (awww!)
M- Playing the computer.

What is Mom not very good at?
C- Doing school with me. (Yikes! Gimme a break- it's only our first year!)
M- Not buying a pet horse. (!!!)

What does Mom do for a job?
C- Doing school with me.
M- Cutting my hair.
(If only I COULD get paid for these!)

What is Mom's favorite food?
C- Your strawberry cereal. (Special K)
M- Strawberries. (This is really her fave. My fave? Chocolate and Italian.)

Why are you proud of your Mom?
C-You're the greatest Mom! (awwwww again!)
M- Cleaning the whole house. (yikes again!)

If Mom were a cartoon character, who would she be?
C- Gwen on Ben 10 Alien Force. She has orange hair and a pink force field. (Wouldn't that be cool?)
M-A rock star.

What do you and Mom like to do together?
C- School. (I feel better now.)
M- Putting dirty clothes in the washer.

How are you and Mom the same?
C- We love each other the same amount.
M- Our feet. (God, please don't let her get my feet!)

How are you and Mom different?
C-You're older than me.
M-I don't have the same shirt as you.

What is Mom's favorite place to go?
C- Hope's house to see Miss Mandy. (Probably true- also Starbuck's and Children's Place)
M- Dairy Queen and Tres Ninos.

How do you know Mom loves you?
C- You always hug me.
M- You help my boo boo feel better.
(more awwws!)

Out of the mouths of babes.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I dance; she dances.
I brush my hair; she rubs her head.
I play peek-a-boo; she plays peek-a-boo.
I blow a kiss; she blows a kiss.
I put on my shoes; she gets her shoes.
I shake out a shirt to fold; she shakes a shirt.
I yell at the kids; she tells 'em too.
I sing the Barney Raindrop song; she sings the "Ah's."
I read a book; she "reads" a book.
I write; she tries to write.
I laugh; she laughs.
I cuddle; she cuddles.
I love; she loves.
Miracles without end.
Thank You, Lord.