Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayer for Louis

Dave's Uncle Louis has been fighting cancer for about 8 years. Two weeks ago, Hospice was called in and all treatments for the cancer ceased. They are trying to make him comfortable and manage his pain. This is a place the family did not want to be, but God has seen fit with His will. Please pray for his wife, Shela and his son, Travis as they cope with the reality they are now facing. Pray that Louis will not suffer, and for peace and comfort for his family. Dave's grandparents, Louis' parents, are also not in the greatest of health and are traveling to Baton Rouge to see Louis. Pray for comfort for their hearts, and that these days would not hurt them physically. Also for the rest of the family- Dianne, Louis' sister and Dave's mother, and Louis' other brother Lee and other sister Marilynn. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

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