Friday, April 24, 2009

Louis Boyd

Dave's uncle, Louis Boyd, has passed away. Thankfully, he is with his Savior and is well and free from pain. His suffering is over and now he can simply rest and worship Jesus for eternity. Dave is traveling to Baton Rouge today for the funeral which is on Sunday. Dave's mom and step-dad, father, sister, and aunt and uncle and their families are also traveling from Florida. Please be in prayer for them as well as for Shela and Travis and Louis's parents as they lay Louis to rest and celebrate his life. And be sure to tell someone today how much you love them.

As I write, my children are bringing me flowers from outside. It seems fitting, doesn't it? No matter how angry I get at them, or how crazy they make me sometimes, my love for them is unconditional and unending. I cannot imagine losing a child at any age. It is something no one should have to endure- it isn't natural in the circle of life. And yet it happens. And someday, they will be someone's aunts and uncle, mothers and father, and prayerfully, grandparents. We seem to take family for granted until they are gone. I am reminded that even though I didn't know Louis very well, he still had an impact on my life. He was an amazing godly man, and he was so funny. He was wise and was always ready with advice for Dave in his ministry. And Shela is such a wonderful Pastor's wife. I have always been inspired by her devotion to him, which was unwavering in the end. She handled his plight with such dignity and faith (as did he), that I wonder if I would have in her shoes. It is tragic for such a life to end, no matter how prepared we all were. And Travis is now a minister as well, no doubt inspired by his dad. Rest well, Uncle Louis.

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