Saturday, November 8, 2008

Woodbury Fall

I know I've been behind, so I'll post a few pics of our happenings this Fall so far...
Rodeo Day at Madeline's Preschool

Dave winning First Place in the County Sesquicentennial

Beard Contest for Most Creative Beard. (There were 4 contestants and

4 categories, but who's counting?)

At the Pumpkin Patch. "Where are all the pumpkins?" you ask.
So did we!!

But we made the best of it!

This is Caroline's first and best friend, MollyRatliff. Now, Caroline has been
dubbed "the bully" already- she likes to take whatever
Molly has. We're waiting for Molly to return fire.
Happy Fall, Y'all!

The whole gang! Charlie, Molly, Hope, Claire, Caroline, and Madeline.
And I have to report that Claire has not had a seizure in over a month!
She is rolling all over the floor and even holding her head up while on her tummy.
Miracle indeed!

The Three Musketeers! These three cannot go a single day without asking
to play together. They have often asked to have sleepovers and even
to live together! And Charlie and Hope will tell you freely that they are
boyfriend and girlfriend! There is never a dull moment when they are together!

Our Happy Family!

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