Tuesday, November 11, 2008

More of Fall...and...TWINS!

Here are some more updates...

Caroline is old enough to take "Big Girl Baths."

Daddy teaching Caroline to play piano.

Halloween 2008- 2 Pink Poodles and a Blue Jungle Fury Power Ranger

And again, the Three Musketeers- Hope was a cat.

This is "Pink." Madeline named her herself.

This is Caroline ready for the costume contest. She slept right through it.

One more of Caroline... and...

TWINS! Can you believe this? This is Charlie's first Halloween and Caroline's first Halloween. Pretty amazing!


Anonymous said...

I remember his first Halloween. I knew she was a clone of him. That is too funny! They are all precious kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow the pictures of Charlie and Caroline look like the same baby. The picture in the bathtub is. awesome good to get 3 baths done at once great time saver and lots of fun for them They are so cute.