Monday, June 16, 2008

3 Months Young

Oh, I cannot believe how time flies! My sweet baby girl is 3 months old and growing so big. At 3 months, she weighs 14lb. 9oz. Yikes! So here's all about Caroline at 3 months:

  • Lifts her head up from a lying down position
  • Tries to laugh but it comes out in breaths and coughs
  • Smiles for just about anyone
  • Pushes to one side with one leg when on her back
  • Still nursing like a champ
    Still spitting and sometimes needs me to stand up to nurse
  • Sleeping 9-10 hours at night
  • Is learning when it's time to sleep- swaddled in bed
  • Can be put down awake
  • Likes Pat-A-Cake
  • Wiggles and Inched around the floor when on her back
  • Is such a happy baby

And here are the things I love so much:

  • Getting her up in the morning and getting sweet morning smiles
  • When she tries so hard to laugh and can just cough or grunt
  • When she smiles at her brother and sister
  • When she raises her eyebrows and wrinkles her forehead
  • Cuddling in bed together to nurse and/or nap
  • Watching her watch her daddy sing in church
  • Watching her suck her tongue
  • That she is such a content and happy baby

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