Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday to my Sweetest Boy!

March 27,2008

  • So tall and outgrowing his clothes quickly.

  • Reading faster and faster.

  • Learning about money and how to tell time.

  • Helps with his baby sister and thinks she is "so adorable."

  • Loves animals, Transformers, Leggos, and making his toys "fly" through the air.

  • Enjoys playing with Madeline-from monsters to baby dolls.

  • Proud when he stays on green at school, and he really tries to earn marbles at home.

  • Very sensitive-good for how he relates to little kids and babies; tough for him when he can't do something just right.

  • Loves to cuddle with me and still gives me kisses.

  • Discovered video and computer games.

  • Feeds his dog nightly.

  • Still loves to make people laugh.

  • Is waiting to be big enough to play basketball.

  • Prays out loud and loves to listen to Dad's Bible stories.

  • Loves to take his Bible to church.

  • Loves to draw and color- you can always tell his pictures because they are rainbow colored.

  • Wanted to have a Dinosaur Dig Birthday Party:

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