Sunday, June 24, 2007

"It'll be so long..."

That's the statement from Charlie on several occasions this past week. "It'll be so long until Dad gets home." And my dutiful mother answer is "Oh, no it won't. It'll pass by before you know it!" Although the wife in me wants to answer, "I know and it's horrible!!" Well, someone has to be strong for the little ones just like our parents were strong for us. And mine were strong for me this week. Spending time with them has truly been a blessing and has indeed made the time pass more quickly. Tonight we returned home and are looking forward to tomorrow morning when our beloved daddy and husband returns from his travels. He had a successful trip even though the few times we were able to speak by phone were not enough. He preached, and the team visited many people, bring a precious few to Christ. They even got in some sight seeing and shopping. And as I write this they are in the air on their way home to us. Pray for safety in travels and thank you for your prayers for their health and a good trip. These prayers were answered and all are healthy. And of course there is already talk of returning next year!


nerdypastor said...

It's nice to come upon your blog! And always super fun to meet an Aggie! Though I am not an Aggie :^( We lived in Aggieland for three years (99-02) and LOVED IT! My husband was the Youth and Family Pastor at Westminster PCA in Bryan. We lived over near the Med though. I had my first two babies there! It's nice to "meet" you! What church are you at there?

I hear you are interested in joining the League of Pastors' Wives blogroll. I will add you and e-mail you the code to put in your sidebar (put it in an html box in your layouts page).


Anonymous said...

OOPS! Sorry, that posted under my hubby's name because I've been tweaking his blog design! LOL!