Friday, June 26, 2009

In search of the Perfect (Maxi) Dress...

What is it about dresses? It's almost like shopping for jeans- it is impossible to find the Perfect Dress. I have a huge affection for the new Maxi dresses. I have always loved long dresses and skirts- even though they pretty much went out of style recently. But ahhhhh- the Maxi dress. The problem? Most of them are NOT what you would call modest. Am I just too old fashioned? (Here comes my soapbox.) Why is it that most dresses and even tops are so revealing? I would never have considered showing my bra straps, or wearing a strapless top or dress when I was growing up. Now it seems this is even allowed in schools- along with too-short hems and shorts. What happened to modesty? What happened to parents who teach modesty? I know that I am a pastor's wife and cannot wear too revealing dresses to church, but that also means I shouldn't wear them at all. And I don't want to. I don't want men looking at my bra straps or thinking I am showing too much skin. But young girls are doing this daily (and so are their mothers!). I can barely even find shorts for my 4-year-old that aren't too short- or booty shorts. This is disturbing to me. Even dresses at her age are revealing, but it seems more okay at her age.

Today I was shopping and trying on dresses. I thought maybe I would get one if I found the Perfect Dress. I don't know how many I tried on, but it was far too many. They were either too low cut, or not bra-friendly. Granted, my 30-something body is no longer a size 4, and my 3-babies-used boobs are not where they used to be, but come on!! Is it too much to ask for a cute dress that actually covers everything it should? I can already tell it will be a battle to teach my girls modesty when I can barely find them clothes to fit the bill.

Ok. I'm off my soapbox. For now.


WORDS CAFE said...

Catherine, I just saw a pic of you on facebook and you are still just as beautiful as always! Any dress would look gorgeous on you, but I totally get trying to get one modest enough!

Chad & Crystal Reynolds said...

Amen, Sister!!!!!! Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling everytime I am in the US, and also when shopping online. Each time I think, "I am so glad to have boys, so that I don't have to try to find something modest enough for girls to wear!" I have been praying for my nieces, and I will add your girls to my list. Love you.

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