Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Barack Obama"

My 4-year-old comes home from Pre-K yesterday and says excitedly, "Mom! Do you know what tomorrow is?" "What?" I ask back just as excitedly. "Someone moves out of the White House, and Barack Obama moves into the White House!"

Yikes! While I probably should have taken time at home with my kids to explain what is going on in our nation, I have not yet done so at any length. So when Madeline came in with this exciting news, I was floored. My 4-year-old jsut said the words "Barack Obama." It just sounded so wierd coming from her. She went on to say that they were going to "watch the movie of it" tomorrow at school. I was also aware that she did not say George Bush's name. So we had a little lesson right there in our kitchen.

It is not lost on me that today is a huge day in the history of our country. The nation has elected the first African-American President. That is such a big deal for so many people. And even though he wouldn't have been MY choice for President, the fact remains that he is now MY President. And as such I am called to pray for him and support him in that role. While it is hard for me to see the excitement on Madeline's face whenever she sees Barack Obama, I cannot let my thoughts and feelings on the subject seep through. I must teach my kids what the Bible teaches us. We are to pray for our leaders.

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