Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Big Kindergartner!!

Well, my "Sweetest Boy" is now officially all grown up! Or so it seems anyway. He started Kindergarten on Monday with his lunch box and backpack, a new school, new teacher, and new friends. We took lots of pictures which I will post soon, and he loved all of it. He had no problem being left there and I had to actually get his attention to tell him I was leaving. I blew him a kiss at his big-boy desk and left with a small feeling of emptiness. I have to go home without him? All day? How will I know what he's doing? How he's doing? What will Madeline and I do alone? (And sure enough I keep hearing, "There's no one to play with me." Bless her heart.) So when Charlie got in the van after school, I asked him how it was. "Mmm, not good." Oh no, I thought, he must have cried for me or something. But I asked why and he said, "Because I was silly." Yikes! Did my child get in trouble the first day?? After further questioning, we figured maybe he got a warning or just told to calm down. But we are working on this. He said he had fun in the Centers- coloring, blocks, play-dough, and art. He enjoyed lunch and rest time, had music class and PE, and played on the playground with his friend, Jase. So I guess all in all, it was a good experience for him. Can you believe all they fit into one day?? And so next week, we begin again with Madeline and Preschool. Ugh! They grow up too fast! The only consolation I have is that we have #3 on the way and we get to do it all over again. But these are still my babies and the sadness remains.


Just Me said...

Ahh..does that bring back memories for me - sending the first one off to Kindergarten. But guess what...for me...every child after that, that headed off to kindergarten, still pulled at my heart strings. There's something so moving, when we realise that they have left one stage behind, and are walking into a new one!

Be Inspired Always said...

It was difficult for me to send my kids off to kindergarten too. I cried I think more than they did.

I'm new to your blog.