Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Technical Difficulties

I am really trying to post about our San Antonio trip, but I am having troubles getting pictures posted for some reason. Bear with me, and I will hopefully figure this out!!

As for us, we are doing well. I have a little morning sickness, but it is still bearable. Charlie has changed his mind and now wants a baby brother, though says he will be happy if its a girl. Dave is away at children's camp- just one night, but next week he goes to Panama City Beach, Florida for a week for youth camp. Oh, the life of a Pastor's wife!! The summer is so busy for him and while I am so proud of him, I often find myself longing for his company. Especially now in the beginning of a pregnancy. But Mom will save the day and come spend part of next week with us. I am also getting ready for Dance Camp which is in two weeks. Pray that I will have more response than last year's 6 girls. I really feel God has allowed me to use my talent and passion in such a wonderful way- especially at my age. And I hope to continue it for a long time. But I need girls to want to take dance classes in Nocona. I will keep teaching as long as they keep coming- that's how I will know God is still affirming my call.

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Unknown said...

You can get a photobucket account, add your photos there and then put the URL in with the text and you can then have your photos show up that way.

Also, Congrats on your pregnancy and I pray that the nausea abates soonest.